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Committed to Excellence

Consultancy experts specialising in the hospitality, event and tourism industry.  Providing excellent support functions to businesses of all sizes.
10 years+ experience (with a strong emphasis on commitment) and dedication is a guarantee for all your Travel and Hospitality requirements.  
Established relationships with key industry leaders, offering energetic Management skills with an excellent customer service proposition to support your needs.  
Focused to deliver a professional partnership with emphasis in maintaining and enhancing relationships.
We are a team of passionate and dynamic individuals with dominating experience to deliver results.

About Us: About Us

Nuria Saccone

Founder & Director

Nuria has enjoyed over 15 years working in Travel and Event management. A career full of challenges and diversity encouraged Nuria to establish Pulse in 2020.  Her passion and understanding of the industry has enabled her to associate and partner with leading brands and organisations such as BBC, Island Games and MTV to name a few.  Nuria has a wealth of experience in travel management and has been instrumental in applying her expertise to key events in Gibraltar.  

Favourite sports personality: Rafa Nadal 

Favourite band:  Fleetwood Mac (one of many!) 

Favourite book:  The House of The Spirits

Jennifer Squire

Sales & Logistics Executive

Jennifer's love for the travel industry started many years ago when working in the Canary Islands for a UK Tour Operator, where she gained her knowledge of sales and operations in the industry.  Since moving to Gibraltar her passion for the industry continued and flourished, working on many exciting projects and delivering seamlessly logistics for festivals and events in Gibraltar and Spain.  Jennifer has a great love for the industry and especially the 3 sectors Pulse is specialising in.

Favourite Sports Personality: David Beckham!

Favourite Band:  Too many to mention 

Favourite Book: PS I Love you

About Us: Our Team
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